Our next drawing is being moved from Wednesday to Saturday, March 7th at the IC St. Patrick's Day party in the parish center. It's a chance to have some more fun and win some more money -  $100 if your ticket is drawn, and a $100 bonus if you get a face card, joker or ace. And as alway, a chance to win half the jackpot - which we expect to be over $38,000. Everyone is elligible - whether you buy your ticket at masses and the bars during the week, or at the party on Saturday. We'll resume our normal drawing schedule on Wednesday, March 11th.

Week 30's winner selected card number 4 which was the the OTHER red queen - the Queen of Diamonds. The lucky winner gets $100 - $50 for getting their ticket drawn and a $50 bonus for picking a face card.

Reminder that we are always selling tickets at The Nil, Tommy's or Iron Horse, and at the rectory and after most masses on the weekends.

View the OFFICIAL RULES here.


Special Queen O'Hearts Drawing - Saturday March 7